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I am a dreamer.

I love reading, writing, photography, painting, singing, dancing. In my heart of hearts I'm an artist, and I choose to express many different thoughts and emotions with my art. I can be bubbly and happy, but a lot of the things I write about are rather bleak. I do this because there is nothing more beautiful than tragedy.

I love food, video games, friends, family, my darling <3, the paranormal, sex, weed, alcohol, and rock and roll. I love walking on the beach just before sunset, writing poetry outdoors, being a mall rat, and discovering new things. I also love geology for some inexplicable reason. It just fascinates the shit out of me.

When I was a kid I was a total beach bunny, a girly girl, a nerd, a gamer, an individual thinker, and a social outcast. Not much has changed except for the girly girl part. Most people think I'm goth but I really just don't look good in any other color but black.

In real life people consider me shy. I'm not, I just like taking the time to gauge others' personalities to see what is the most appropriate way to act around them. In my journal, however, I'm very open. Ad nauseum. I talk about life, death, passions, hatreds, embarrassments, achievements, and completely random shit. I apologize to no one and I do not censor myself. If anything offends you, unfortunately that is tough shit. But hopefully if you're on my friends list we already share the same interests and perhaps my blabberings will provide insight.

If there is anything else about me you would like to know, simply ask, or add me :)

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In real life I'm sometimes quiet to gauge people's personalities, but most of the time, I'm loud, not entirely obnoxious, and gauge how people react to who I am.

I play video games (alas, I'm picky with them), I adore learning about new and sometimes useless information, and I'm enthralled by your quote in your profile, "I'm a nerdy college gamer chick with exceptionally tacky taste.", your friends only banner makes me salivate for oranges. (Or is that a grapefruit? Pfft, still craving oranges regardless.) <3